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Idiotic Trail / Running Behaviour

Well, Hong Kong is a great place for many things.  Idiotic trail behaviour seems to be a specialty.

This post will be dynamic, I will keep adding things I have seen on trails (AND other running related stupidity) in Hong Kong that are mind boggling.

Seeing I am an equal opportunity whiner, I will add more from my travels as well. Here’s hoping I can get some pics too!

Here we go for starters;

1) Hanging sleeping bag over trail direction signpost to dry.  Where: Sunset Peak, Lantau When: 1st January, 2012

2) Falun Gong meeting blocking trail entrance.  Where: Kam Shan, Kowloon Reservoir When: 22nd January, 2012

3) People trying to hi-5 you when you are indicating for them to get out of your way: Where/When: Various

4) Obese woman smoking on Ma On Shan.  When: 26th February, 2012 Where: Ma On Shan.

Got to admire her for making it to the top, but  no excuse for smoking in a Country Park – b*tch!

5) Blonde woman gesturing aggressively at our bus when SHE was running on the road TOWARDS ONCOMING TRAFFIC. Grow a brain love, see the bus coming don’t abuse the driver and wave your arm at him – get out of the f’ing way! 31st March 2012 Tai Mong Tsai Road, Sai Kung.

6) Chinese International School (i.e. Mainland kids, caucasian teachers) picnicking at a junction, completely obscuring trail signs with proper picnic areas within a few hundred m in 2 directions and 20m in a third direction. Common sense, people! 6th May @ Shatin McTrail


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Event Calendar 2012-2013 (actual & planned)

>>> After events are completed, I will post a review. <<<

Jan 2012


Feb 2012

Yuen Long X-Country Race 2012 –

Note: Never run before, but hopefully a nice foot dipper to get back into action.  9KM of trails near Tai Tong, Yuen Long.

Mar 2012

4th  ‘8.5th’ Shatin Riverside 10K Classic. It is not a trail race, but it’s in my back yard -so I guess I can treat it as a training run.

18th Healthy Hike N Run

I will do the 13K Version of this to keep the competitive instinct intact for the following week.

Plus I guess I liked the trails in the short race a couple of weeks ago and want to revisit!

Update: My main focus is the Lantau50 so I will jog with my friend and encourage her to be faster.

This will help me conserve my energy for the next weekend, my ultimate goal.

24th  Lantau50 – Innaugural event.

Main focus of my current training. Hyped for this one – should be great.

Apr 2012

Sea To Summit Race: 30KM (20KM option) HK Island starting in Deep Bay. Not familiar with HK Island trails so this is a good chance!  A poorly organized race, and abject failure and I will avoid this race organizer like the plague in future.

Energizer Singapore Night(?) Trail Race

Great Fun!  Those Singkies really know how to put on a show, er race.

May 2012


June 2012


July 2012

Tsuen Wan evening 10 KM – keep company and pace friend only.

August 2012

26th Chung Hing Cup 10K Tsuen Wan HK

September 2012

2nd Thaiquain Cup Sai Kung (HK)

16th  Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 1oK  (SG)

October 2012

7th  2 Peaks

23rd Ramp Series Kowloon

November 2012

4th  Challenging 12 Hours (HK)

11th Ramp Series Tai Mo Shan

December 2012

8th AA MSIG HK 50KM Lantau Race

23rd Ramp Series HK Island

January 2013

February 2013

March 2013

Lantau50 2013!

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Hangzhou Free Trail Run Exploration

First day started at around 9:00AM warming up before heading out. 
Our hotel was near the Jade Emperor Mountain, so it seemed logical to go there first. Unfortunately, when I rocked up
it had a guard house and a car park ( I smell tourist trap). 

In my bad Mandarin, I asked (what mountain is this?).
The answer, 10 RMB.  OK, I said Shi Kwai Qian Shan, hen hao. (Mountain is 10 RMB Mountain, that’s good).
Needless to say ( and more for expedience than any other reason) – I forked out the cash and jogged up.

Yuhuangshan Path

10 RMB Mountain Bamboo Garden

Its a nice enough park with a nice incline up a rocky mountain road, good for running, but not trail. ;(
Following the park steps up to the Taoist Temple at the top is OK – but a bit hard for us mere mortals.

I followed a path near the peak at the rear of the mountain down. It lead to a road just past the tunnel exit for the
Jade Emperor Mountain. I followed that road straight and to the left and past the Hangzhou Zoo.
Past the zoo I saw a small tea farm and ascended beside a small tea field (this is slightly south of the Zoo, same road).

I climbed up through the tea field as it seemed like a trail, and when I got to the top – it was.
From there I followed the trail up and around some high voltage lines and got to some stone steps. Then I trotted around aimlessly looking at the picture postcard misty hills in the distance and enjoying the trails.

Postcard Chinese Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains Near Hangzhou

There were some semi-abandoned early 20th Century or 19th Century buildings that were quite intriguing (photos) , then I decided to follow the path back to where the stone step trail was leading – which took me through a lot of scenic territory and to a stream and a temple (Lin An Temple).
By this time it was well after midday and I needed to save some energy for a bit of work on my laptop back in the hotel room.  So – I tracked the path back as much as I could and ended up at the Tower of 6 Harmonies (Liu He Ta).

Getting back down to city level, I had a bowl of beef noodles  and a can of Coke near aforementioned tower and returned to hotel.  All in all, it was a great experience – as the pics testify.

Camelia Sinensis 龙井茶田

Beautiful Tea Fields - The famous Long Jing Tea

Best Bits:  Postcard Misty Mountain View and breathtaking tea-fields in the mountains.
Worst Bits: Wild roses and their less-than-delightful thorns ( can’t be helped) and insufficient planning (I should have planned better).

Recommend: Start from Tower of 6 Harmonies and go towards the Lin An Temple.  It will guarantee a better quality view, but more stone steps and less dirt/stone trail. If you are using an Android Smartphone, use the map cache function to pre-cache before leaving home. Also, use a tourist and local map. Don’t be stubborn like me and shun them!  The K4 bus will get you from Tower of 6 to West Lake.

I will be going back to Hangzhou to run in those hills again, when? I don’t know, but I’ll be back.

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Favourite Trail Running Videos

These are great motivation and breathtaking to watch in HD.  Enjoy!

All credit to Salomon and those involved.  The humility and passion is so inspiring.

* Pic Courtesy Salomon


Salomon Team – TNF Endurance Challenge San Francisco :


Salomon Team – Leadville Trail 100 miles


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Great New Race – Lantau 50

I just found out there’s a great new trail race coing up in March, The Lantau 50.

Organized by a high-profile and very succesful locally-based (HK) trail runner, Clement Dumont it promises to be a great event.

My excitement stems from two points; 1) It is not 100KM, a bit daunting for a  first Ultra AND 2) It promises to be mostly single track trails with a minimum of the demon concrete.

Here’s the course:

* Courtesy, Lantau50

The Trail Clydesdale will be there (I hope).  Hope to see you too.

Update 28/2 : Enrolled, confirmed and ready to do a bit of a recce on Saturday.

I’ve noticed in the past that events like King Of The Hills have attracted friends from all over Asia, Australia and even the USA.  Let’s hope to see an international contingent at the Lantau50 too.

Happy Trails~!~

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Hangzhou Trails & Touristing Next Week


 I am excited to be trail running in China for the first time in Hangzhou next week.

After doing the almost compulsory GOO for info, I found this site:

It is a trail race that was held a month & a 1/2 ago, complete with GPS file, the works.

Here’s a sample of the trail:

Of course, I’ll check out the West Lake and other touristic stylings of the city as well.

Madame will be with me too, of course.

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