Idiotic Trail / Running Behaviour

Well, Hong Kong is a great place for many things.  Idiotic trail behaviour seems to be a specialty.

This post will be dynamic, I will keep adding things I have seen on trails (AND other running related stupidity) in Hong Kong that are mind boggling.

Seeing I am an equal opportunity whiner, I will add more from my travels as well. Here’s hoping I can get some pics too!

Here we go for starters;

1) Hanging sleeping bag over trail direction signpost to dry.  Where: Sunset Peak, Lantau When: 1st January, 2012

2) Falun Gong meeting blocking trail entrance.  Where: Kam Shan, Kowloon Reservoir When: 22nd January, 2012

3) People trying to hi-5 you when you are indicating for them to get out of your way: Where/When: Various

4) Obese woman smoking on Ma On Shan.  When: 26th February, 2012 Where: Ma On Shan.

Got to admire her for making it to the top, but  no excuse for smoking in a Country Park – b*tch!

5) Blonde woman gesturing aggressively at our bus when SHE was running on the road TOWARDS ONCOMING TRAFFIC. Grow a brain love, see the bus coming don’t abuse the driver and wave your arm at him – get out of the f’ing way! 31st March 2012 Tai Mong Tsai Road, Sai Kung.

6) Chinese International School (i.e. Mainland kids, caucasian teachers) picnicking at a junction, completely obscuring trail signs with proper picnic areas within a few hundred m in 2 directions and 20m in a third direction. Common sense, people! 6th May @ Shatin McTrail


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