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Yuen Long X-Country Race 2012 Match Report

A Great Little Race

My first competitive race for over a year and I was struck by the flu as well.

Another factor to conspire agianst me was being in Singapore for most of the week.

This meant I had no hills to practice on and acclimatised to Singapore heat instead of Hong Kong cold 😦

Anyway, I went ok – with a time of 58mins & change for the 8.9 KM.

Below are a few pics and a GPS file of the route.  Enjoy.

While it is a nice little race, for non Hongkongers – I’d recommend you try the more picturesque trails of HK/Lantau Island, Sai Kung – but for Hongkongers – it’s a nice cross country run with no sustained climbs 😉  AND….a not often explored corner of our little world here.

Any criticisms? Too many choke points on the trail.  Would have benefited from smaller group starts (age groups, etc.) to avoid chokes. Even with the flu I found myself being frustrated by the procession that developed at some stages.


GPS File: YLXCRace.gpx

Walk up to starting line

Almost 10 minutes to Race start, we amble up the road to the starting line

Toeing the Line, Yuen Long Style

Toeing the Line, Yuen Long Style


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