Pre-Dawn Sloshing on MacTrail #4

This morning I embarked on a pre-dawn slosh through the Maclehose Trail stage 4.

It was still dark when I hit the trail after a 5K <> run through the streets.

Rain and fog made it nice and cool and I smiled to myself thinking how glad I was I didn’t bring my phone!

Pictorial Garden – Tait’s Cairn Tunnel Mouth – Siu Lek Yuen – Fa Sam Hang – Trail up to Maclehose 2K <> – Maclehose Trail to Gilwell and back along Maclehose to Mau Ping and down the Trail to Mui Tsz Lam and riverside back to Pictorial Garden.

19-20KM (my estimate). Later I will do a GPS file for this route, which is nice and a good variety of rock, steps, gravel & forest.  It doubles back over itself to keep me close to home, but is a good workout – and surprisingly quiet outside of weekends.



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