ANS Shatin 8.5th 10km Match Report

This was my first ‘flat’ race since high school cross country (5K<>).  I enjoyed it, but felt there was a lot left in the tank afterwards. Definitely expected a better performance from the 28th fastest cross country runner on the New South Wales Central Coast for my age in 1986, He He!

The race started near the Siu Lek Yuen tennis courts and went over to Shing Mun River adjacent to the bicycle track.

Passed the Dragon Boat Club and followed the Shing Mun River and Ma On Shan Promenade to the 5K turning point.

From there it returns to where it started along the same route.



A generally well-run race with a lot of fanfare (perhaps the music was bit too loud for this old uncle!)

Plenty of water and a lot of encouragement and great marshalls who had grumpy cyclists to contend with.

Bicycle track was not closed off, effectively forcing us to run on hard concrete when the rubberized bike path is a more appropriate surface.

No electrolytes at the finish on what was a very humid day (95+% humidity).

Obscene difference between chip time and official time (WTF?) Several minutes!!!

Self Assesment: School reports come to mind…..grrrrrr…..more effort required!

GPS file

Pictures at  Thaiquain.

No pics from me, this time – too focused on running 😉

Back to the trails for me – thanks, but a useful guideline that I stil have a long way to go.


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