Recovery Rantings

I thought I would post something on recovery.

Everybody talks about RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation.

So if you tried those and want more – what can you do?

Help is at hand:

1) Protein helps muscle and tissue repair. Have a steak, a burger, ham & egg sandwich, curry fishballs, siu mai, chilli beef balls, the list goes on.

2) Ice bath – if you run for an extended period and know you’re gonnna ache like you’ve been sparring with Yodsenklai – do it. Make ice from yoghurt cups and fill the freezer. Pop them in a cold water bath and hop in. Trust me – if you have a big hot tea or coffee while you’re in there – you’ll be fine.  5-10 minutes is fine, hypothermia is not your friend.

3) TENS machine – get one – zap your hurty bits while you’re Facebooking or watching TV or whatever. One electrode above and one below the hurty bit, and not right on joints.  Other instructions would depend on your TENS machine’s functions.  Zap yourself as high as you can tolerate and don’t be a whimp!  Your aching muscles will love you for it!

4) Footy socks & throw-out tray cycle shorts.  These are two cheapy ways to enjoy the benefits of compression on a budget.  Football socks are a lot cheaper than fancy pants compression calf sleeves AND your friendly local cycle shop should have orange and purple (or equally repulsive) shorts on special.  Wear them under baggy jeans and nobody need know.

5) Foot Reflexology path: I swear these are heaven-sent. If you are stiff and sore from a long run the day before – walk on one of these – do a few laps – ignore the hygiene warnings and go bare foot.  You may go “ouch ouch ouch” to start – but once you get used to it – fantastic!

6) Pharmanex Overdrive.  I take a few capsules every 1- 1 1/2 hours on long runs, with a few around an hour before and a few after.  It gives you a bunch of minerals that help supplement the gels, sports drink, water, etc. Take it once and skip it the next time – BIG DIFFERENCE. I don’t specifically endorse MLM, but I do swear by this product.

7) Big bucket of coffee, venti grande – whatever. If you’ve knocked yourself around – it may not help recovery but at least you can trick your body to not be tired for a while – so you can get home safely. Of course if you’re like me after a long run – you’re probably a little bit dehydrated so you’ll need a big drink of water as well.

And that’s it.  These things above have saved me a lot of hobbling around and sped up my recovery. And now it is shared with you and the Interwebs.  Cheers!


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