Lantau 50 – the 2nd Half Recon. 14th March, 2012

This route is divided into 3 Sections

Nam Shan around Chi Ma Wan

From Nam Shan, the route follows the picnic area and then Lo Yan Shan signs to Lo Yan Shan. It is a great undulating run after the slogs up the 2 little peaks (Lo Yan Shan & Mui Tsai Tun). It is a great run around with great views. Note to the SAR Government – please don’t build the giant incinerator and stuff up the view – not to mention pollute a beatiful part of Hong Kong.

Pass the reservoir (check out those big carp) and the prison and follow along to the coastline and Mui Wo.

It undulates and flows – it’s just a great little run. Check the Lantau50 web site for route details.

On a good day, watch out for mountain bikers.  Fortunately – all I did was overtake a few that were going in my direction – 😉

Mui Wo to Hills Southeast

After following the coastline around and past  Mui Wo, this is where I start to think a bit about regrets that I didn’t bring the pics of the route.  But hey – I know the general direction – and there’s plenty of trails all going in the same direction. Following what I believed was the right way – I passed over the hills behind the Government explosive store and to a sign that says “Cow Path to DB”.

Final Bit – Cow Path, Bushwhacking and Discovery Bay

This is where things go a little bit off-course, I found some Lantau50 ribbons, but I think I bushwhacked a bit – and eventually got back on track. There was a lot of mud and slip-sliding – a big contrast to Chi Ma Wan! But a couple of nice creek crossings to rinse off the mud – most of it. Thank you Salonsip (aka Magic Spray) and no thanks to 95+% humidity at this stage as calf cramp struck.  Note to Self: Extra Hydration and more salty snacks if humidity is similar  on race day. Should’ve worn the calf sleeves or long socks…. 😐 Slogged around the final 1K <> before emerging near the DB Reservoir.

From there – along the DB Valley Road to a left turn and down a trail to DB proper ,and the plaza – where I eagerly wolfed down a Giant bucket of UncleRuss coffee, a muesli bar and a banana.

A great half day excursion, I heartily recommend.

No GPS file (who wants people to see the off-route diversions, groan).  But check the Lantau50 web site for route details.

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