Match Report – Hysan Healthy Hike & Run: A Trail Race with a Traffic Jam!

This was a great day and a great course with one glaring problem.  A massive chokepoint.

The chokepoint was made worse by the fact that EVERYONE started at the same time.

Bang – a narrow staircase, where you can only go up one-by-one.  A wasted 8-9 minutes waiting to get up the staircase. INSANE.

Action Asia – , I expect better.  Indeed, Two Peaks Lantau – did a staggered start – it had a similar chokepoint.

Still – the course was lovely and gentle.  only did the 13KM – and paced a friend (who has never run much more than 10K).  Props to Carmen! – Your Are Tough – go for a 20K + trail race next time! But do your homework first!

I jogged for the most part, and stopped to take a few pics so here they are:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

GPS file: TaiTong13KM.gpx


+ Nice Soft Trail Run and Helping a friend. 🙂

– Traffic Jam 😦

Self Assesment: A good training run and a delight to run within myself 😉

Conclusion: Great day and event, but still have come to expect more from AA, really – fundamental error.


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