The Innaugural Lantau50: “It’s a Journey”

So many things to say, where should I begin?  It was a great race, but being the first running – there were a few tiny kinks, but nothing that could overshadow a  FANTASTIC race.

For resources online on course, pics etc. check

Some of the friendships made along the way and the beautiful views and terrain…”it’s all good” as they say.

In this Post I will give a brief summary of the race with a few observations.  Another posts will focus on different aspects; organization and the mental aspects – perhaps a guide for others considering entering this race (or similar) in the future.

Start to CheckPoint 1 (CP1)

The start was all well and good, but again a bit of a chokepoint with a rocky uphill section.  But still – manageable. Nothing like the dabacle the previous week. My feet were nearly skewered by trekking poles a few times, but avoided. Geez folks, it’s not Mont Blanc- it’s Discovery Bay, FFS!

After the uphill section, there was a nice flowing single track and a fire trail that I hung back on a bit.  In retrospect, I should’ve pushed myself a bit harder on this downhill. After this downhill the village concrete paths went on for a K or so and to CP1.

CP1 to CP2

A great uphll section that is testing, but not a killer followed by some rock hopping around Sheung Tung Au. Then a short descent into Pak Kung Au for CP2. Feeling fresh.

CP2 to CP3

The easiest or nearly easiest section of the race.  South Lantau Country Trail to Nam Shan. My brain checked out and I fell flat on my face. Dressed the scratches with some clay from the cliff side and continued on, and the adrenaline helped because I did a pretty good time for this section.  Thanks to the wonderful CheckPoint Nurse who dressed and bandaged my bloody hand.

Here is really where things went pear-shaped. My mistakes;

1) Not changing from visor to cap – bright sun and virtually no hair!

2)Not consuming enough fluids at CP for longer section and not taking enough with me – 2L only 😦

3)Eating too much at CP and lingering for too long.

CP3 to CP4

This devolved into a zombie-like hobble around Chi Ma Wan. By the end of it, I snapped out of it to some extent – but wasted over an hour.  FAIL. Positive, met a new friend – David Ong – thanks David for your support and hearing me out.

CP4 to CP5

This was a short session along a coastline and through Mui Wo town.  A solo run.

CP5 to DBPLaza & Finish

This section was fantastic.  Everything you want in a trail run.  BUT – after over 40+K and over 2K+ elevation it was a bit of a tough slog.  It was made worthwhile by a new friend Eva, (AKA CatWoman) and David ran with me for a while too.

Finally – near the rear of the Plaza, both a fellow runner and myself couldn’t find the ribbon to follow. I just went the most direct way to the Plaza and Finish Line. Apparently, DB Management forced the organizers to rent Security Guards that didn’t do their job and went AWOL. Haven’t lived there since 2004, but some things change – and some don’t!

My time was 10H:58M give or take.

Slow, but many places away from last – so by no means shamed.

With this sort of thing, ALL FINISHERS ARE WINNERS ANYWAY.

Congratulations to the organizers for a great race.  See you all back in DB next year if my body hold together!

<…More articles to come…>


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    pierrick said,


    I came to your blog after looking for lantau 50 photos ( you may find some on sportsoho by the way )
    Great race report I love reading those ! good timing this race was tough I must say ! especially with the sun on that day
    I found the organisation was real efficient !

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