Lantau50: Preparation & The Mental Aspect

Part 1:  Preparation

Well, while being pretty fit – I did recognize my own level and limitations. But sometimes things hit you sideways – and even preparation goes out the window. Damn you, Murphy and Your Law!

Lot’s of little things like nutrition and hydration I had planned very well.  Actions taken at CPs were OK and swift for the most part.

I did fail badly at CP3 by erring and not having enough fluids for the long exposed section to come. Should’ve worn a cap to avoid the midday sun on my shaved head. Finally, I almost forgot completely to take my Mineral supplements. This hindered both my performance AND recovery.

These are lessons learnt, so next time I won’t make these mistakes.

Of course, more effort on fitness and diet AND…. tuning up one key area – downhill.

I will do a dedicated downhill trail running session at least once every 2 weeks from now on!

Part 2: The Mental Game

Despite having never run 50KM before, I was not daunted at all – and I think mentally I was in a great state of mind for the most of the race.  Helping some foreign friends – briefing them on what was coming up ahead, and encouraging some other competitors helped distract me from my own near-exhaustion.

Calling on the inspriation from ones near to us that we have lost helped to. It might sound strange, but it is a great time to remember those you loved that are no longer around and what they meant to you.

I also thought of those poor f**kers in Indonesia that carry the sulphur down mountains nearly everyday.  They only earn a pittance – and they don’t complain. So who am I to whine with a a mere 51.92km of trail with a lazy 2600M of vertical gain?

Be comfortable in  your own head. If you spend quite a bit of time training alone (like me) you should be fine. But if you’re a social animal – you may have trouble if you spend extended periods running by yourself.  Your really need to do a bit of it before you get into something like this.

Finally, camaraderie is a great benefit from running in such a race. Chatting with fellow runners along the way is great and we are a great encouragement to each other.

Happy Trails!


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