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SeaToSummit: Steaming pile of S%$t!!!



The SeaToSummit 30KM was without a doubt the worst trail race I’ve ever had the misfortune to be involved with.

I will not be involved with the race ever again.  Nor will I have anything to do with events organized by

As the race started, I found myself at the rear, obstructed not only by fellow 30KM competitors, but by 20KM competitors milling around obstructing 30KM competitors!  POORLY MANAGED.

The race was rife with chokepoints, which really demand more staggered starts. I found myself literally lifting unfit competitors up the side of a hill to clear them out of my way!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!  This is all just in the first 3KM!!!!!

There was excessive bushwhacking, which led to more chokepoints – 6 minutes for one KM and then 35min for the next, anyone?

Then, a rarity – a nice clear run and smooth sailing.  Too good to be true? Yes!

19K out of 30 – arrive at the Checkpoint only to find no water or sports drink.  “Don’t worry, someone will bring us water “they said. “When?” I asked. “We don’t know “they said.  Well I’d had enough.

“Count me out.” I said.  I went to the Peak in a straight line – 2KM+ WITHOUT WATER! ( my drinks ran out just before the CP!)

I ate and drank at the 7-11 in the Peak Galleria, and then went on  to the finish point to collect my bag.

“Have some pizza” , they said (the race organizers).  Frankly they’re lucky I didn’t pelt them with their f***ing pizza!

No amount of pizza will get me back next year!

For the record: I did not fail, but the race organizers sure did!



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