2 Peaks: $1000 Shoes, $20 umbrella

I was in the ActionAsia 2 Peaks race the other week.  It was a great race, but I can’t help feeling a lot of people will be put off trail running because they weren’t in good enough shape for the challenging course.

The Headline is because of a theme I noticed during the race; shiny new Salomon shoes & a cheap umbrella. Imaging trail running while holding an umbrella – it just blows my mind. There are things called hats people, and if you’re so freakin’ vain that you want to keep your skin pearly white – TRAIL RUNNING IS JUST NOT FOR YOU!!!

A great race, fantastic experience – and I will be back agin in 2013 for this one. It is a real test of fitness and mentality.

I strongly recommend anybody try it to test their “trail chops”.



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