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Challenging 12 Hours: Burn Out or Laziness?

I ran the Challenging 12 hours on this past Sunday, 4th Nov. By the standards I set myself and by indicators before the day – I had a bad day at the office. I was well capable of doing a time under 7 hours, but I just fely short of motivation. Why? I don’t know. I could easily have posted a time well under 7 hours but ambled in at around 7 1/2.

A change of scenery for me for the next couple of weeks and a vow to run PROPER TRAILS – with a minimum of concrete – and places I have never been before.

See how that goes, an hopefully my head will get back in the right place.


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Ramp Series Race: Lung Cheung Road-Beacon Hill

I was interested to join this race – the closest thing to those European Vertical K races you see on YouTube.

It was great fun, and although I felt there was something left in the tank at the end – I had a great time, and ran a good time. But the short stuff is not really my forte.

Pics up soon.

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If you’ve read my Sea2Summit post you are aware of my regard for XTE – ZERO.

Check the thread below for some poor victims of this ‘race organizer ‘:

Apparently they are continuing to try and organize races and are doing an even worse job of it than they did with the Sea2Summit.

OMG, I hope they give up soon.

If you don’t have time to read through the booard thread (above) , here are a few choice quotes;

“That was totally (a) disaster!”

“Quite clearly a case of organizer incompetence.”

“Quite frankly the whole event was shambolic.”

Apparently there will be an article in the South China Morning Post soon. Can’t wait!

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2 Peaks: $1000 Shoes, $20 umbrella

I was in the ActionAsia 2 Peaks race the other week.  It was a great race, but I can’t help feeling a lot of people will be put off trail running because they weren’t in good enough shape for the challenging course.

The Headline is because of a theme I noticed during the race; shiny new Salomon shoes & a cheap umbrella. Imaging trail running while holding an umbrella – it just blows my mind. There are things called hats people, and if you’re so freakin’ vain that you want to keep your skin pearly white – TRAIL RUNNING IS JUST NOT FOR YOU!!!

A great race, fantastic experience – and I will be back agin in 2013 for this one. It is a real test of fitness and mentality.

I strongly recommend anybody try it to test their “trail chops”.


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Lower Shing Mun (Better than running around the river)

A while back I went for a nice longish run from Tai Wai up to Lower Shing Mun reservoir.

It was my first trip there so the GPS file is a spaghetti mess. I will go another day an then attach that GPS file to this post.  It was a good hill workout with a nice flat warm up/down there and back to Tai Wai Station.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Follow your nose and you should be able to find it.  there are paths left and right of the reservor.  I went left as far as I could and then back to the right for a good look around.

Overall, it is a good hill run with nice views but it is concrete / bitumen.  To my dismay there were no trails I could find.

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SeaToSummit: Steaming pile of S%$t!!!



The SeaToSummit 30KM was without a doubt the worst trail race I’ve ever had the misfortune to be involved with.

I will not be involved with the race ever again.  Nor will I have anything to do with events organized by

As the race started, I found myself at the rear, obstructed not only by fellow 30KM competitors, but by 20KM competitors milling around obstructing 30KM competitors!  POORLY MANAGED.

The race was rife with chokepoints, which really demand more staggered starts. I found myself literally lifting unfit competitors up the side of a hill to clear them out of my way!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!  This is all just in the first 3KM!!!!!

There was excessive bushwhacking, which led to more chokepoints – 6 minutes for one KM and then 35min for the next, anyone?

Then, a rarity – a nice clear run and smooth sailing.  Too good to be true? Yes!

19K out of 30 – arrive at the Checkpoint only to find no water or sports drink.  “Don’t worry, someone will bring us water “they said. “When?” I asked. “We don’t know “they said.  Well I’d had enough.

“Count me out.” I said.  I went to the Peak in a straight line – 2KM+ WITHOUT WATER! ( my drinks ran out just before the CP!)

I ate and drank at the 7-11 in the Peak Galleria, and then went on  to the finish point to collect my bag.

“Have some pizza” , they said (the race organizers).  Frankly they’re lucky I didn’t pelt them with their f***ing pizza!

No amount of pizza will get me back next year!

For the record: I did not fail, but the race organizers sure did!


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Lantau50: Preparation & The Mental Aspect

Part 1:  Preparation

Well, while being pretty fit – I did recognize my own level and limitations. But sometimes things hit you sideways – and even preparation goes out the window. Damn you, Murphy and Your Law!

Lot’s of little things like nutrition and hydration I had planned very well.  Actions taken at CPs were OK and swift for the most part.

I did fail badly at CP3 by erring and not having enough fluids for the long exposed section to come. Should’ve worn a cap to avoid the midday sun on my shaved head. Finally, I almost forgot completely to take my Mineral supplements. This hindered both my performance AND recovery.

These are lessons learnt, so next time I won’t make these mistakes.

Of course, more effort on fitness and diet AND…. tuning up one key area – downhill.

I will do a dedicated downhill trail running session at least once every 2 weeks from now on!

Part 2: The Mental Game

Despite having never run 50KM before, I was not daunted at all – and I think mentally I was in a great state of mind for the most of the race.  Helping some foreign friends – briefing them on what was coming up ahead, and encouraging some other competitors helped distract me from my own near-exhaustion.

Calling on the inspriation from ones near to us that we have lost helped to. It might sound strange, but it is a great time to remember those you loved that are no longer around and what they meant to you.

I also thought of those poor f**kers in Indonesia that carry the sulphur down mountains nearly everyday.  They only earn a pittance – and they don’t complain. So who am I to whine with a a mere 51.92km of trail with a lazy 2600M of vertical gain?

Be comfortable in  your own head. If you spend quite a bit of time training alone (like me) you should be fine. But if you’re a social animal – you may have trouble if you spend extended periods running by yourself.  Your really need to do a bit of it before you get into something like this.

Finally, camaraderie is a great benefit from running in such a race. Chatting with fellow runners along the way is great and we are a great encouragement to each other.

Happy Trails!

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