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Challenging 12 Hours: Burn Out or Laziness?

I ran the Challenging 12 hours on this past Sunday, 4th Nov. By the standards I set myself and by indicators before the day – I had a bad day at the office. I was well capable of doing a time under 7 hours, but I just fely short of motivation. Why? I don’t know. I could easily have posted a time well under 7 hours but ambled in at around 7 1/2.

A change of scenery for me for the next couple of weeks and a vow to run PROPER TRAILS – with a minimum of concrete – and places I have never been before.

See how that goes, an hopefully my head will get back in the right place.


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Ramp Series Race: Lung Cheung Road-Beacon Hill

I was interested to join this race – the closest thing to those European Vertical K races you see on YouTube.

It was great fun, and although I felt there was something left in the tank at the end – I had a great time, and ran a good time. But the short stuff is not really my forte.

Pics up soon.

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If you’ve read my Sea2Summit post you are aware of my regard for XTE – ZERO.

Check the thread below for some poor victims of this ‘race organizer ‘:

Apparently they are continuing to try and organize races and are doing an even worse job of it than they did with the Sea2Summit.

OMG, I hope they give up soon.

If you don’t have time to read through the booard thread (above) , here are a few choice quotes;

“That was totally (a) disaster!”

“Quite clearly a case of organizer incompetence.”

“Quite frankly the whole event was shambolic.”

Apparently there will be an article in the South China Morning Post soon. Can’t wait!

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2 Peaks: $1000 Shoes, $20 umbrella

I was in the ActionAsia 2 Peaks race the other week.  It was a great race, but I can’t help feeling a lot of people will be put off trail running because they weren’t in good enough shape for the challenging course.

The Headline is because of a theme I noticed during the race; shiny new Salomon shoes & a cheap umbrella. Imaging trail running while holding an umbrella – it just blows my mind. There are things called hats people, and if you’re so freakin’ vain that you want to keep your skin pearly white – TRAIL RUNNING IS JUST NOT FOR YOU!!!

A great race, fantastic experience – and I will be back agin in 2013 for this one. It is a real test of fitness and mentality.

I strongly recommend anybody try it to test their “trail chops”.


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Macritchie – at last!

So – I finally got to run at Macritchie reservoir.

It was mostly a great experience, so here we go.  I arrived after 4pm on a Sunday and it was a bit busy, but not too bad.

I brought a change of clothes because I read up about lockers on the NParks Website. Sure enough there were plenty of lockers and require 1SG$

If you’re used to HK coin-op lockers BE WARNED – 1$ per use and your dollar is gone baby gone. (HK lockers are 5HK$ and you can get your 5$ back!)

Bummer for me because I only had one 1$ coin. So I just wiped myself down and sprayed deo after and got changed. I did intend to have a shower – well next time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The landscaping and change area is beautiful – and there is a nice shady area to stretch and chill, warm up and down or wait for friends to turn up if you’re in a group. Off I went in what was a counter-clockwise direction.  I was going to the Tree-Top Walk. The start skirts the Reservoir and goes past a rowing club.

After this I just followed the signs all the way to the treetop walk.  It is pretty flat, so it is similar to doing school cross country in the summer. But there is nice jungle, I saw a monitor lizard ( <> 1M long) , a couple of squirrels, and a lot of monkeys (see pics). Nice monkeys compared to the evil evil HK monkeys!

It was 5KM <> to the treetop walk from the changing rooms/lockers.  Kindly note that NO RUNNING IS PERMITTED on the treetop walk. The Treetop Walk Nazi is there to make sure of that.  I was permitted to walk briskly – thank you tree top walk nazi!

So it is a cinch getting back to the changing rooms after the treetop walk.  After the descending steps, just turn left and follow the signs.  Soon you’ll get back on the trail / road you used to get to the tree top walk and follow your nose.  All up it was around 12KM – And I strictly obeyed the tree top walk nazi, so I walked where I was told I had to.

Needless to say, the return to the changing rooms was a quick run and a breeze.

A great jaunt – strongly recommended.

Summary: Great, fast jungle run, but perhaps I went at a peak time – so too many walkers for my liking.

+ Great fun and good variety after running on HK trails all the time.

– Singaporeans on the trail – while being polite, have no trail sense or etiquette. Not rude mind you – just obtuse.

An early morning run is strongly recommended to avoid crowds.

Plenty more trails to explore here too.  As Arnie said in the Terminator, “I’ll be back”.

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Singapore Energizer NightTrail 2012

Just what I needed after the nightmare of the previous week.

It was different from my expectations, but it was a great race and great fun.

Undulating, 18KM through the ‘jungle’ it was great.

Only complaint was that I expected mud and got a lot of gravel.  There was some mud though (oh yeah!)

But my Singapore running friends promise to introduce me to some real muddy jungle trails and I can’t wait!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Water stops were frequent, even toilets at the water stops.  The volunteers were super-enthusiastic.

If pressed, the only issue was pushing past back markers in the last 2KM, but it was tolerable.

Nothing like the chokepoints in some HK races.

If you can join it in 2013, I heartily recommend it.

Try and keep me away!

Check it out at

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SeaToSummit: Steaming pile of S%$t!!!



The SeaToSummit 30KM was without a doubt the worst trail race I’ve ever had the misfortune to be involved with.

I will not be involved with the race ever again.  Nor will I have anything to do with events organized by

As the race started, I found myself at the rear, obstructed not only by fellow 30KM competitors, but by 20KM competitors milling around obstructing 30KM competitors!  POORLY MANAGED.

The race was rife with chokepoints, which really demand more staggered starts. I found myself literally lifting unfit competitors up the side of a hill to clear them out of my way!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!  This is all just in the first 3KM!!!!!

There was excessive bushwhacking, which led to more chokepoints – 6 minutes for one KM and then 35min for the next, anyone?

Then, a rarity – a nice clear run and smooth sailing.  Too good to be true? Yes!

19K out of 30 – arrive at the Checkpoint only to find no water or sports drink.  “Don’t worry, someone will bring us water “they said. “When?” I asked. “We don’t know “they said.  Well I’d had enough.

“Count me out.” I said.  I went to the Peak in a straight line – 2KM+ WITHOUT WATER! ( my drinks ran out just before the CP!)

I ate and drank at the 7-11 in the Peak Galleria, and then went on  to the finish point to collect my bag.

“Have some pizza” , they said (the race organizers).  Frankly they’re lucky I didn’t pelt them with their f***ing pizza!

No amount of pizza will get me back next year!

For the record: I did not fail, but the race organizers sure did!


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