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Favourite Trail Running Videos

These are great motivation and breathtaking to watch in HD.  Enjoy!

All credit to Salomon and those involved.  The humility and passion is so inspiring.

* Pic Courtesy Salomon


Salomon Team – TNF Endurance Challenge San Francisco :


Salomon Team – Leadville Trail 100 miles



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Hangzhou Trails & Touristing Next Week


 I am excited to be trail running in China for the first time in Hangzhou next week.

After doing the almost compulsory GOO for info, I found this site:

It is a trail race that was held a month & a 1/2 ago, complete with GPS file, the works.

Here’s a sample of the trail:

Of course, I’ll check out the West Lake and other touristic stylings of the city as well.

Madame will be with me too, of course.

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